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Private Experiential English Lessons, Academic Tutoring, Test Preparation, and Transcription for Adults and Teens


Fill Me In English offers experiential English lessons, tutoring, and proofreading to adults and teens. English is the focus here, but instruction--most of which is cognition-based--is offered in all general education subjects (e.g., natural sciences, language, history).

From ensuring that English language students regularly interact with native English speakers, to developing and executing hands-on, goal- and interest-focused projects to regular old kill and drill, FMI places a premium on ensuring subject mastery and overall joy and personal satisfaction.

Lookin' for answers?  You can find 'em, here.


1. Is English the only subject you teach and tutor?

No. I teach and tutor other subjects, but English is my focus.

Note: While English and language arts are the focal points of what I offer, history, science (hard and soft), and other subjects are folded into the lessons.  I do whatever I can to enhance you and/or your teen's appreciation of the world around you/him or her, which helps improve English language communication abilities.  

2. Do you serve adults and children?

I cater to adults and teens, and serve younger people on a case-by-case basis.

3. Do you offer private lessons or do you offer group lessons?
Both are offered.  
Note: The largest number of students for groups is 10, and all members must be in the same ability group.

4. Do you offer discounts?
I offer a 10% referral discount.

5. Why am I required to pay a deposit?  Is the deposit refundable.
As the adage goes: Money talks, and ...well, you know the rest.  

Submitting your non-refundable deposit signals your sincerity in working with me, and ensures that I'm compensated for doing research and gathering the materials you'll need. Because I tailor lessons and outings to students' needs and interests, quite a bit of work gets done before the start of your session. So, if you cancel, at least I'll be compensated for the work I've done.  

6. What are my payment options?
I ask that you pay your fees online, by money order, or traveler's check; cash is accepted on a case-by-case basis. Carrying cash poses a safety threat to me (and you, too), so posting your payments via Paypal ( saves us all a few headaches. Purchasing your package directly from this site is an excellent option, too. Stripe, which has outstanding security, processes the payments.

7. When are payments due?
Payments are due 30 days before the start of your first session, unless you need an immediate start. For the first two months, you may end up paying for both months within a seven (7)- to 15-day window because --in order to lock in appointments for the next month-- your payment must clear 30 days in advance.

8. Do you offer financing options or payment plans?
The closest thing I offer to a payment plan is the option to make recurring Package 1 purchases, which are offered in 5-hour increments, and need to be paid one month ahead of class dates. 

I'm sorry, but no financing is offered. Receiving a personal or educational loan from your credit union or bank is a feasible way to pay your fees. Using Paypal's Bill Me Later is an option, too.

9. Why do you have a toll-free telephone number?
FMI needs to be as accessible as possible, to as many people as possible. Having a toll-free number allows international callers to connect with me. Being accessible to local callers, who may need to use a payphone (yes, they still exist), is necessary, too.

English As a Second Language (ESL)

10. If I want ESL help, can I skip the outings?
No. Outings are an integral part of what FMI offers. They provide students with safe, practical learning experiences, and break the monotony of engaging in conventional instruction. Initially, some students are afraid to participate in the outings, but once we're out, they break out of their shells, and have a great time. I also enjoy the outings, which give me insight into students' abilities, progress, and future needs.

That being said, if you want conventional instruction, Fill Me In is not for you -- no exceptions!

Before I forget: If you cancel outings, you may be dropped as a student. The same may happen if you cancel more than one class without adequate notice. I value students' time, and expect to receive the same courtesy. If you're dropped as a student, depending on the amount of work that has gone into developing your program, you might receive a refund; you might not.

11. How much do textbooks cost?
The cost of materials is included in your fees. There are no extra books to buy (unless you want to buy them).

12. Do you issue student visas?

I'm sorry. I'd love to, but I don't and can't. Because FMI uses pop-up and service area models, I'm experiencing some snags in receiving permission to issue visas.

13. Do you provide room and/or board?
Sorry, but I don't. Soon, though, I plan to partner with people, organizations, or businesses that do. Check back with me.

Tutoring and Test Prep

14. My child's school offers free tutoring and test prep.  Why should I pay you for it?

Free tutoring is great, and if it's working, I say stay with it. However, if your student's current regimen is not as effective as you know it should or could be, call or email FMI.

15. How many hours of tutoring or test prep should my student expect to receive?
It depends. I won't know until I test your student.

16. Do you conduct home sessions?
Not usually. I only visit students' homes on a strict case-by-case basis.

17. Is there homework?
No. Dealing with accountability issues associated with issuing homework wastes too much of the time students and I should be using to work together. Also, the extra work associated with creating homework assignments would mean an increase in fees. I don't like increases in fees.

Proofing and Editing

18. What is the turn around time for document proofing or editing?

Depending on the length of your document, the level of service you need, and the number and length of jobs I'm already handling, it may take anywhere between two days and one month. When you submit your document for review, I'll give you a specific due date, then you can decide how to proceed.

19. Will you just take a look at my work and give me a few hints?
I surely will, just as soon as you submit your project deposit.

20. I went to college, so I know I can write.  Why do I need you?
As attending college doesn't automatically smarten people, college doesn't guarantee that its graduates are decent writers, either. I've seen waaaay too many a professional document marred by typos, faulty punctuation, or warring nouns and verbs, which causes potential clients to lose confidence in the companies associated with faulty copy. Think about it: how do you react when you encounter the aforementioned problems in the documents of other adults? How seriously do you take those folks? Are you wont to patronize their businesses? Well, the same applies to people who find similar faults in your work.   

Please, don't let typos, wrong verb tenses, and malaprops cause you to miss out on opportunities to make beneficial business connections. It's hard to do, but --sometimes-- it helps if we tuck our pride into our back pockets, and let a set of knowing eyes give our stuff (yes, stuff) the once over. 


Still need help? Call or email: 1-888-867-1441 or shine [at]

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