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Private Experiential English Lessons, Academic Tutoring, Test Preparation, and Transcription for Adults and Teens


Fill Me In English offers experiential English lessons, tutoring, and proofreading to adults and teens. English is the focus here, but instruction--most of which is cognition-based--is offered in all general education subjects (e.g., natural sciences, language, history).

From ensuring that English language students regularly interact with native English speakers, to developing and executing hands-on, goal- and interest-focused projects to regular old kill and drill, FMI places a premium on ensuring subject mastery and overall joy and personal satisfaction.

When She Finds a Way to Solve a Math Problem By Herself

She’s learning how to find the percent of numbers. She needs to multiply. It’s the end of the day. She’s tired. She can’t remember all her multiplication facts. She draws boxes. She inserts hash markets. She gets to countin’ — all on her own!

I love when students take initiative to solve problems, and Iove it even more when they draw pictures.

Gold star for her!

Local Businesses: Big and Many Thanks!

As you all know, I believe in reciprocity, and I can't help recognizing the businesses and individuals who extend themselves to Fill Me In English.

What you may not know is that I don't like marketing. I hate it, and I appreciate anything and anyone that makes marketing a bit easier for me.

To that end, I want to recognize the local business owners that acquiesced to my request to post announcements about Fill Me In's story swap series. Thank you!


Welcome to the first post, which is here only because I'm about to burst.

Please, remember that when parents spend money on trinkets for mal-performing children, they're trying to fill a void.

I'll write more, later. I just needed to get that out.



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